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Retire on Real Estate

Investing in properties creates a great opportunity for a profitable retirement.  You can gain revenue from one or multiple properties & reap the profitable benefits. While investing in properties is a great retirement idea, there are some things to consider.

Spend Money to Make Money

You need to consider how you are going to buy your investment properties. Are you using a mortgage or is it going to be out of pocket? Either way, you need to consider the amount of down payment needed. Not many people integrate that into their costs when looking to purchase a home.

Recurring Expenses

Remember you are going to have regular maintenance issues, either minor or major, that need to be considered as well. Another expense to keep in mind is paying monthly for HOA. Before purchasing a property in a community that is managed by an HOA, look into the required monthly HOA costs. Most of the time you are basing these expenses on the fact that you will gain revenue from long-term or short-term tenants. However, you need to think about the months that the home could sit empty. Yes we all hope this doesn’t happen, but always plan ahead. 

Location, Location, Location

Location matters when purchasing an investment property. When you are looking for a space or home to rent, think about who will be renting it. Who are the majority of renters in the area? Would the home be great for a single college student or perhaps a family with younger kids? Depending on the surrounding renters, pick a house accordingly. 

Sell the Home to Gain Profit

If you do decide to sell your investment property for any particular reason, you need to plan it perfectly. Just as with the stock market, selling markets are going to go up and down depending on many different factors. Do research to know when is the best time to sell or to hold off. On the same note, you want to purchase a property that will retain its value so that you can sell it again for more money rather than less. This can be determined by the selling history of the home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be upfront if something doesn’t feel right.

Help on your Side

Get a reliable and highly reputable real estate agent to help you find your investment property. Real estate agents have a huge advantage because they have access to many resources in order to find the best property for you. They know the hot spots for real estate and know what areas will gain the most popularity for your home.

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