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Create the perfect online profile for your Rental Properties

Using the 6-steps below you can increase your home's online visibility, ranking and performance.


Pictures are worth a thousand words-good or bad. How can you create the most enhancing photos of your home? Take pictures at good angles to show the size of the room as well as the bed configuration. Be sure to capture the entirety of the room. If there is a TV or any amenities that would be appealing to the guest, make to include those in the picture. Open all the doors and windows to allow natural light flow. Include the floor plan if available as well. This will better assist guests who need to know the whereabouts of the bedrooms in the home.


While detailed pictures are great, videos create an immersive experience. Guests usually are looking for a certain bed configuration to fit their needs. Videos or 360 degree pictures are a great way to reduce guests' questions concerning the home layout. They also give a better idea of the size of the home as well as the pool.

Appeal to your Audience

Your audience includes who you want renting your property. That means deciding what you want your rental property used for. Is your home for vacationers choosing to spend time outdoors or visiting local attractions? Does the property have a perfect environment for business travelers, or for those who are working from home? Do you have an area setup for weddings or special occasions? Advertise your rental property in such a way that targets your ideal rental audience.


You will receive a lot of inquiries no matter how well you describe a home or picture it. The fact is, some guests don't read descriptions or flip through photos. They would rather talk with someone on the phone or ask questions via email. Booking increases by 35% when inquiries are answered. Take some time and answer questions, you will see the benefits of doing so.

Create a Description

When writing a description for your rental property, be as detailed as possible. Include all the full amenities as well as the bed configurations & details of the home. If you have a pool, feel free to include the dimensions. For the property?s main marketing headline, include its location instead of the number of bedrooms. The below headline captures the distance from tourist attractions as well as includes the location.
"Beautiful Windsor Hills Home Just 10 Miles From Walt Disney World!"

Social Media Outlet

Third party sites such as VRBO or Airbnb are great tools if you are just getting started with rental properties. Here is why: They advertise your property. They create a platform for communication between you and the guests. They have customer support teams available to assist you with any questions.

Property Management

How can property management companies help with your rental property? They have access to multimedia social network platforms. These include VRBO, Airbnb, Instagram & Facebook to name a few. Property management companies take care of the so called "nit and grit". They perform inspections of your property before and after every guest arrival. They keep you as the homeowner informed of any minor or major issues. Not to mention, they have cleaning staff, maintenance crews, pool technicians, plumbing experts and more all available to assist with your home at any given time - 24 hours a day.

Use these tips the next time you want to create an eye-catching online profile for your home and see what happens!