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Why Make Your Vacation Rental "Pet-Friendly"?

The benefits and preparation.

Understandably, there are many valid reasons why a homeowner would refuse to allow pets in their vacation rental. We are going to consider the benefits of becoming a pet-friendly home as well as advise how a homeowner can protect themselves & their homes if they do decide to allow pets.

In the past year, more than 85% of people started working from home & doing school virtually. During this time, many families have adopted pets & traveled with them. Pet owners make up about ? of the US population. Having a pet-friendly home will increase your chances of bookings.
Pet owners will not want to leave their furry family members at home for too long. By allowing pets in your vacation rental, it will most likely increase the duration of the guests' stays. Which leads us to the third benefit.
Guests who stay longer in a home, tend to care for it as it?s their own. Especially pet owners will have a tendency to be more reliable and responsible.

Protect Your Home:
Resist the temptation to have carpet in your rental. It is a lot more expensive to clean and remove any stains. Title or hardwood floors are a lot easier for the guest to clean as well as deeply sanitize after they leave.
Include a pet fee/pet cleaning fee. Be sure to check local laws and guidelines concerning pet fees. Some allow a non-refundable deposit to be included while others won?t allow renters to be charged. The amount of this deposit can differ, just make sure it can cover any possible damages done by a pet, $100-$300 is a sweet spot.
Whether you say no or aren?t sure yet, the truth is pet-friendly vacation rentals can thrive when dealt with properly and safely.

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